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  • March 08, 2019 12:45 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    With technology a tailored In-Store experience becomes reality!" Check out this blog from InReality and learn how leading edge companies are taking the in-store experience to the next level.


  • December 17, 2018 12:43 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller 

    Do you remember when you were a small child sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold December night. Your mother hands you a mug of piping hot chocolate while you listen to the crackle of the fire, the aroma of the burning wood, and the flickering flames. Holiday memories, with beloved family members, visit us each December. Christmas carols, colored lights and tinsel, the smell of cinnamon, apple cider and fresh-baked cookies...no wonder the holiday season romances us so effectively. Magical memories come flooding back as our senses are served seasonal sensations we’ve cherished since childhood. Can you see it? Can you smell it? Can you hear it?

    We love the magic of memory

    There are so many reasons we love the holiday season, but perhaps the greatest is the traditions we create. The sights sounds and scents of the holiday season bring us back to childhood memories of recreating and reliving each and every family holiday tradition. They wrap around us like warm blankets and provide a sweet respite from all other concerns. That’s the magic of memory, the power of sensory persuasion. When we experience those wonderfully familiar sounds, sights, and scents our minds rifle through our mental files, grabbing those memories, bringing them to our conscious thoughts and suddenly we feel that inexplicable joy that is itself a memory we revisit again and again.

    What memories are you creating?

    When you consider the value we place on positive memories and the power of the senses to trigger them, you start to understand why sensory marketing is the most effective way to deliver the kind of customer experience that captivates. We hear more and more how companies are discovering the important role that scent has in creating that positive mood and energy that motivates consumers and enhances your brand. Studies continue to confirm the power of music to create an atmosphere that appeals to your target demographic. Why would any business choose to withhold this kind of positive customer experience...or relegate it to a back shelf like a holiday ornament? Something this impactful should be shared throughout the year!

    Make every day joyful

    You can give your customers experiences that make an impact beyond the holiday season. Create a more appealing environment for callers with a professional on-hold message. Use scent marketing to delight everyone that walks through your door. Music, store broadcasts, eye-popping signage: with sensory marketing, you give your customers and visitors an experience that becomes a pleasurable memory they’ll want to relive time and time again.

    EMA members represent a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement and promotion of sensory marketing. From the United States to the United Kingdom, Australia, Columbia and Canada, EMA members are sharing their expertise and changing the way companies throughout the world approach marketing. Learn how you can be a part of it all by visiting the Experience Marketing Association online at https://ExperienceMarketingAssociation.org/. Happy Holidays from all of us at Experience Marketing Association!
  • November 12, 2018 12:41 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    "Today, sonic identity is more important than ever. As brands are moving well beyond advertising and becoming more experience-focused, new tools are required to successfully connect with audiences in digital touchpoints, in spaces and at live events." Check out this set of new glossary terms launched by brandchannel. An excellent read with effective selling points for audio branding.


  • September 08, 2018 12:40 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    While sensory marketing may be a new concept to small and medium-sized businesses, it's definitely not the new kid on the marketing block. In fact, the big boys have been employing sensory marketing for years and the results speak for themselves.

    It’s All About the Sound...

    Sound is still a powerful influence in creating brand experiences, and its use extends well beyond traditional jingles. For years, retailers have been using music to calm shoppers so they'll stay longer and spend more. Again, Starbucks is a classic example. However, other retail brands have realized the need to change their approach to lure the younger clientele they want. Forever 21 and Abercrombie & Fitch use fast-paced club music to attract affluent teens. They've also discovered that the loud music stimulates their target market, and when they're over stimulated they make impulse purchases.

    It’s All About the Aroma...

    For over a decade, Starbucks has used sensory branding, with the most obvious approach being olfactory marketing. There's nothing like the aroma of fresh ground coffee to make you want a cup and Starbucks has been using this branding tool to their benefit. Understanding the amazingly strong influence sensory marketing plays in creating a positive customer experience, Starbucks actually quit serving breakfast in 2008. Why? The smell of preparing the eggs and cheesee sandwiches conflicted with the rich coffee aroma. Starbucks isn’t the only company to use sensory marketing. In South Korea, Dunkin Donuts installed aroma-releasing machines in city buses, diffusing the aroma of fresh coffee every time the Dunkin Donuts jingle was played. It's a great example of integrating sound and scent to effectively create a positive sensory input for customers. During this single promotion, Dunkin Donut sales increased by 30%.

    It’s All About the Experience

    Thank God the big boys spent all that money doing the studies and investing in research and development. Now, we get to go to school on their dime. Sensory marketing can be as affordable as it is effective, and that’s being proven every day. EMA members represent a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement and promotion of sensory marketing. Experience Marketing Association members specialize in sight, sound and scent marketing. From the United States to the United Kingdom, Australia, Columbia and Canada, EMA members are sharing their expertise and changing the way companies throughout the world approach marketing. Learn how you can be a part of it all by visiting the Experience Marketing Association online at https://ExperienceMarketingAssociation.org/
  • August 29, 2018 12:38 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    It’s a delightfully short question that requires more than a cursory yes or no answer.  If your personality runs towards the analytical, you peruse the facts you’ve stored and produce the evidential response: no, I can’t see what you mean, as your words aren’t physically manifest, have no mass, size or physical presence.  However..as social creatures, we put aside the mental machinations and simply listen, so even the most staunch realist among us summons a mental picture that represents the intended expression of a spoken or written phrase. Do you see what I mean?

    If I tell you I’ll be in touch this week, you don’t expect me to actually grab your hand, give you a hug or pat your back.   And if I contact you by phone, you won’t accuse me of lying. A situation may stink without producing an odor and should I claim that something smells rotten during a meeting, no one starts sniffing.  When I feel blue, I don’t take on the appearance of a Smurf and when we’re so angry we see red, we don’t actually see red. I pick you up but I don’t lift you.  Something can leave a bad taste in my mouth without my having to actually taste it.  If I’m running errands, I don’t run.  This is why it’s so difficult to master English as a second language.

    The wonderful way that our words become spaghetti in reference to our senses isn’t a conscious product of mankind.  Rather, it’s a natural ‘nod’ to what scientists and researchers have discovered concerning the way sound, sight and scent are biologically entwined.  Each contributes to the way we experience events in our lives...how we connect, how we remember, how we process the meaning and substance of what we live.  

    We’ve discovered that the sounds we hear can affect the way we respond and process what we see; that scent can influence how we taste certain foods. All of our senses work together to produce our experiential knowledge. The very way we choose to speak has been proving what science is just now starting to reveal: not only do we experience life with ALL our senses, but ALL our senses are connected and relative to one another in ways we’re just beginning to understand.  Do you see what I mean?

    Talk to those who specialize in sight, sound and scent marketing and you’ll quickly see why understanding this phenomena is taking businesses to new levels of success.  Members of the Experience Marketing Association are doing just that. Dedicated to the research, development and employment of sensory marketing throughout the world, EMA Members are blazing a new marketing frontier that offers countless rewards.  From the US to the UK, Australia to Columbia, EMA members are tapping into a marketing approach so innovative and effective, it’s changing the very way we think about advertising.

    Learn more about the Experience Marketing Association by visiting us online at:  



    Learn more about the Experience Marketing Association by visiting us online at:  


  • July 14, 2018 12:36 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    It’s worth noting when an urban colloquialism slides into the mainstream. ‘Do you feel me’ has become the “word-stingy” way to find out if the listener can truly empathize with what you’re saying; the abbreviated form of “do you really understand where I’m at?”  It’s being asked more and more often when someone wants to connect on a deeper level. It’s what we all desire... proof that we’re being considered.  We forget the conversations that are surface but remember the ones that made us feel something.  It’s also a question that customers are asking today’s businesses... and likewise, a question we should be asking our customers.

    The Misconception

    Throughout the retail marketplace, whether brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, we see a pervasively copycat marketing strategy that’s been employed for as long as advertising has existed.  One major business has a breakthrough moment that stirs the stagnant marketing pond... and everyone follows suit.  The results are wonderful for the innovator but generally result in only a temporary boost for the businesses that tries to clone the idea.  One company that did the research develops the innovation... and everyone else tries desperately to duplicate it.  A foundational understanding of sensory marketing explains why prolonged consumer engagement requires more than a corporate face-lift... and why sensory marketing experts are worth their weight in gold.

    The Connection Correction

    In her research review published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Aradhna Krishna defines sensory marketing as “marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior.”  She explains that sensory marketing “can be used to create subconscious triggers.” 
    When considering the overwhelming amount of commercials, billboards, radio and TV ads, YouTube videos, internet pop-ups, etc., the idea of a subconscious appeal that reaches customers on a whole other level is more than exciting... and it’s happening right now!  It’s more than new paint, fresh carpeting and increased efficiency.  It’s carefully crafting a total experience that engages sight, sound and scent.  More than this, sensory marketing melds these triggers, making each complimentary to the other.  It transcends presentation, creating a performance that customers connect to on a subconscious level.  And once they’ve experienced your business, they want to relive that experience again and again.  They feel you. 
    There are businesses that specialize in sight, sound and scent marketing…Innovators who continue to push beyond tradition to connect with consumers in an intimate and effective way.  Many of them are members of the Experience Marketing Association, a group dedicated to the research, development and employment of sensory marketing throughout the world.  From the US to the UK, Australia to Columbia, EMA members are growing together to change the face of marketing.
  • May 06, 2018 12:34 AM | Anonymous

    If you were one of the many attendees at this year’s Experience Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, you came away with a greater understanding of and admiration for the power of sensory marketing.  Held at the beautiful Ocean B Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this years’ conference encompassed many topics, offering a multitude of answers to many questions regarding the associations’ rebranding, our broader focus and the many opportunities this new path provides.

    A World of Innovation and Opportunity

    As a group, it’s safe to say we were all impressed with the innovations presented...and the potential they represent.  For instance, we learned...

    • How real-time news blurbs can be incorporated into on-hold messaging, providing a new form of infotainment within the on-hold realm.  Remote downloading has enabled theinstantaneous sharing of information, making it possible to provide time-sensitive messages based on events that are impacting a particular businesses customers.  Imagine an on-hold message that evolves almost as quickly as the daily news.  It’s here...and EMA members heard about it.
    •  How clever data collection and management tells you who’s listening to what and where with close to real-time reports.  This enables you to tailor audio media to your target market’s specific preferences, thus delivering a measurable, effective and fully-automated audio experience to your client.
    • The common industry patterns and practices that exist within the on-hold industry; the ways they have evolved throughout the association’s history and how the economy and new technologies have played a role in their evolution.
    • The power of scent in marketing and how it can be employed to both support and enhance existing media marketing efforts throughout the audio and video spectrum.
    • How to leverage the power of LinkedIn to strengthen relationship marketing and cost-effectively grow your business.

    This is just a sample of what was shared during the 3-day conference.

    Business Among Friends

    While technology and innovation were well represented at the EMA Conference, there was an equally welcome message that wasn't proclaimed from behind a podium, displayed in digital video or broadcast in 24-bit audio. However, it was as prominent and noticeable as anything else conveyed. This message wasn't spoken.  It was demonstrated.

    The members of the Experience Marketing Association truly respect one another.  In fact, they like each other! Learning the latest about your chosen field at a beautiful resort boasting ocean views, located on a pristine beach should be enough to satisfy everyone in attendance.  Sharing innovations, hearing pros and cons of particular processes and practices and learning how others effectively deal with a variety of issues adds to the value. Experiencing it all among the industry’s most respected professionals...and being able to count them among friends...now THAT’S a truly amazing experience.  Watching people who have been working towards a common goal for nearly two decades come together for the good of an entire industry is just the kind of motivation we all need now and again.

    Be a Part of it All

    All of us in the Experience Marketing Association invite you to join us.  Come and learn how we’re working together to take advantage of every opportunity new innovation provides.  Discover all the benefits of networking with some of the world’s most effective marketers as a Certified EMA Member Professional and enjoy all the benefits.  Learn more about the Experience Marketing Association here.

  • April 25, 2018 12:33 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller

    Pay attention and you’ll realize how our senses work together.  It’s evident in conversations.   A candy bar, a car, a deal or a song might all be labeled as ‘sweet’.  An insult is ‘cold’, an unloving individual ‘frigid’.  Tell someone you’re feeling blue and they understand your mood.  When Olympic snowboarders defy the laws of physics with moves that make most of us cringe, we hear descriptions that include ‘tasty’ and ‘sick’.  These abnormal applications of adjectives and adverbs have been happening for a long time.  We know that what we see and what we hear are actually intimately connected...and we’re learning how even sound and smell come together.

    Crossmodal Perception

    In 2012, Oxford University started researching the relationship between sound and smell.  They had  participants sniff a variety of scents, then use a simple computer program to play the sound of musical instruments at different pitches which best ‘represented’ each fragrance. There was amazing similarity among the choices individuals made.  The same results were found when the subjects were asked to sniff different wines.  Piano was most often paired with fruity scents and less complex smells, while musky and unpleasant smells were matched with brass sounds.

    Further research found that different sounds alter the perception of other senses.  For instance, one study had participants put together “soundscapes” corresponding to bitterness and sweetness.  They found that as participants tasted identical pieces of toffee while listening to each soundscape, they believed the toffee to be more bitter or sweeter, depending on which soundtrack they listened to.

    Making It Work For You

    It’s not a theory but a fact: our senses are inextricably entwined.  They work together to form our perceptions and opinions.  They literally define our world for us.  Think of a symphony orchestra: woodwind, brass, percussion and string sections creating a specific tone, coming together to paint a musical picture. Each section is unique yet they all meld with harmonic perfection that alter our moods, lifting our spirits or dragging us into despair. Sound, sight and scent: each amazingly different yet working together to define every human experience.

    Understanding how to appeal to each sense is the major step in moving your marketing from mundane to motivational. Orchestrating sound and color, utilizing scent to enhance memory and actually relax a client: these are the tools that create an amazing customer experience...when orchestrated and balanced correctly.  If you could actually change the way a consumer reacts to a product or service...if you could effectively alter a customer experience by orchestrating what they hear, see and smell, would you do it? It’s more than a possibility.  Many members of the Experience Marketing Association are already using sensory marketing that appeals to the very heart of consumers throughout the world. 

    As an EMA member, are you taking full advantage of the information available to you?  Other members are networking, sharing their expertise and mastering the world of sensory marketing to develop amazing customer experiences.  Conversely, if you’re already meeting the highest standards of excellence, we invite you to share your knowledge, expand your understanding and join a host of others who share your passion by becoming an EMA member.
    If your company is looking for marketing that appeals to the very heart of consumers in virtually every demographic, you’re looking for a Certified EMA Member Professional.  Years of experience, a legacy of positive outcomes and a willingness to dive into the deep end of innovative results-focused marketing, have earned these gurus a multitude of awards and professional accolades.  They represent the very best our industry has to offer and uphold the highest standards in all they do.  

    Learn more about the advantages of working with some of the world’s most effective marketers. Discover the benefits of being a Certified EMA Member Professional. Visit us online: https://ExperienceMarketingAssociation.org/

  • March 22, 2018 12:32 AM | Anonymous

    Mitchell Keller 

    Conference, convention, commercial collaboration, or corporate congress; you know what they say about a rose with a different name. No matter what moniker you attach to a gathering of professionals from around the globe, conferences remain a vital contributor to the health and welfare of virtually any and every industry. In a marketplace inundated with social media options and instantaneous communication...why the need for a gathering? Here are just a few reasons a conference is even more imporitant today.

    We need to meet one another

    When the board members of Experience Marketing Association (EMA) first examined the relevance of conference attendance, one thing proved to be common among all opinions: we need a new format now and then.  Sitting in front of a computer monitor watching a podcast or YouTube video becomes a monotonous chore.   We are social creatures: it’s part of our DNA, and the personal experience of engaging socially is like a shot of emotional adrenalin.   It provides a dynamic that you simply can’t experience sitting at your computer.

    Your presence speaks louder than your email

    Attendance represents a personal investment of time, and attendees are savvy professionals who expect a return on their investment.  Meeting them where they are and investing your time and talent is the strongest possible way of showing your commitment to your industry as a whole as well as those individuals who share your concerns.

    Your next best opportunity 

    G.K. Chesterton once stated that ‘we are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders’.  Unfortunately, far too many opportunities to discover something wonderful, learn something new or dive into a pool of the unexpected and retrieve inspiration are ignored.  What are you missing by not attending?  What opportunity is waiting for your?  Remember: every successful collaboration throughout history started with a meeting.

    Who told you not to have fun?

    EMA members are a diverse group of professionals who love learning, teaching and celebrating success.  The 2018 EMA Conference is taking place May 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and this year promises to be as entertaining as it is informative.  The iconic B Ocean Resort situated on beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach plays host as we meet and greet one another in regal fashion.  Educational sessions, networking opportunities, ocean breezes, stunning sunsets and the sound of waves lapping at white sand beaches: education and rejuvenation all in one trip.

    We invite you to join us in Fort Lauderdale May 3-5.  Find out how companies around the world are  enjoying the benefits of being Experience Marketing Association members.  Learn more about EMA and get details about this years’ conference online at here

  • March 10, 2018 12:31 AM | Anonymous

    As the customer experience phenomena continues to redefine the way businesses deliver services, marketing professionals throughout every industry leave no stone unturned in their search for a more personal approach. They realize that customers no longer gauge service quality exclusively by comparing businesses that provide the same products and services. Today, companies are measured against any and every business that constructs and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Unless we’re listening to the innovators within the customer experience arena we’ll find ourselves wondering how we missed the mark. The Experience Marketing Association is taking careful aim and paying close attention.

    Taking a Panoramic View

    The Experience Marketing Association (EMA) was created from a re-branding of the On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) in order to move towards a more panoramic view that provides a fuller picture of the spectrum of sensory marketing services.  Audio, video and sensory marketers from around the world have come together, sharing our passion for promoting best practice standards in the delivery of sound, sight and scent solutions.  EMA’s consortium of professionals has embraced this wider view, gaining new insights from new industries as well as learning better ways to administer the proven practices of our core members in the on-hold service business.

    Providing Greater Opportunity

    By taking in all that sensory marketing has to offer, we’ve discovered a treasure trove of experiential knowledge among new members.  Sensory marketing is the perfect tool for building an amazingly intimate and effective customer experience solution and EMA is the ‘toolbox’ in which audio, video, scent and like sensory marketers come together.  It’s deeper than a handshake and a business card.  It’s about expanding service offerings, diversifying in the most reasonable and expected ways imaginable and learning how others are excelling throughout the world in a customer experience-driven marketplace. The Experience Marketing Association spans multiple continents, serving literally thousands of customers throughout nearly as many industries.  
    EMA members are anxious to share what we’ve learned…and hear what you have to share.  There has never been a better time to join our global network of sensory marketing professionals and reap the benefits of EMA membership. 

    Learn more about us at the 2018 EMA Conference from May 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  You’ll find details online at experiencemarketingassociation.org. 

    NOTE: Our members are anxious to hear from customer experience experts who can help them maximize the new opportunities they’ve found through EMA.  If you’re a customer experience guru interested in introducing yourself to a group that wants to hear what you have to say, contact us.  We want to hear from you!

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