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Sensory Marketing and the Customer Experience

March 10, 2018 12:31 AM | Anonymous

As the customer experience phenomena continues to redefine the way businesses deliver services, marketing professionals throughout every industry leave no stone unturned in their search for a more personal approach. They realize that customers no longer gauge service quality exclusively by comparing businesses that provide the same products and services. Today, companies are measured against any and every business that constructs and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Unless we’re listening to the innovators within the customer experience arena we’ll find ourselves wondering how we missed the mark. The Experience Marketing Association is taking careful aim and paying close attention.

Taking a Panoramic View

The Experience Marketing Association (EMA) was created from a re-branding of the On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) in order to move towards a more panoramic view that provides a fuller picture of the spectrum of sensory marketing services.  Audio, video and sensory marketers from around the world have come together, sharing our passion for promoting best practice standards in the delivery of sound, sight and scent solutions.  EMA’s consortium of professionals has embraced this wider view, gaining new insights from new industries as well as learning better ways to administer the proven practices of our core members in the on-hold service business.

Providing Greater Opportunity

By taking in all that sensory marketing has to offer, we’ve discovered a treasure trove of experiential knowledge among new members.  Sensory marketing is the perfect tool for building an amazingly intimate and effective customer experience solution and EMA is the ‘toolbox’ in which audio, video, scent and like sensory marketers come together.  It’s deeper than a handshake and a business card.  It’s about expanding service offerings, diversifying in the most reasonable and expected ways imaginable and learning how others are excelling throughout the world in a customer experience-driven marketplace. The Experience Marketing Association spans multiple continents, serving literally thousands of customers throughout nearly as many industries.  
EMA members are anxious to share what we’ve learned…and hear what you have to share.  There has never been a better time to join our global network of sensory marketing professionals and reap the benefits of EMA membership. 

Learn more about us at the 2018 EMA Conference from May 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  You’ll find details online at experiencemarketingassociation.org. 

NOTE: Our members are anxious to hear from customer experience experts who can help them maximize the new opportunities they’ve found through EMA.  If you’re a customer experience guru interested in introducing yourself to a group that wants to hear what you have to say, contact us.  We want to hear from you!

About Us

EMA is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business directors who share ideas and discuss issues with a rare, creative synergy. Together, we strive to be each other’s trusted advisors, friends, and support system. We leverage technology and industry trends to create leading-edge customer experience solutions, grow our businesses and set the standards for our industry.

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