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Do You Know What Sweet Sounds Like?

April 25, 2018 12:33 AM | Anonymous

Mitchell Keller

Pay attention and you’ll realize how our senses work together.  It’s evident in conversations.   A candy bar, a car, a deal or a song might all be labeled as ‘sweet’.  An insult is ‘cold’, an unloving individual ‘frigid’.  Tell someone you’re feeling blue and they understand your mood.  When Olympic snowboarders defy the laws of physics with moves that make most of us cringe, we hear descriptions that include ‘tasty’ and ‘sick’.  These abnormal applications of adjectives and adverbs have been happening for a long time.  We know that what we see and what we hear are actually intimately connected...and we’re learning how even sound and smell come together.

Crossmodal Perception

In 2012, Oxford University started researching the relationship between sound and smell.  They had  participants sniff a variety of scents, then use a simple computer program to play the sound of musical instruments at different pitches which best ‘represented’ each fragrance. There was amazing similarity among the choices individuals made.  The same results were found when the subjects were asked to sniff different wines.  Piano was most often paired with fruity scents and less complex smells, while musky and unpleasant smells were matched with brass sounds.

Further research found that different sounds alter the perception of other senses.  For instance, one study had participants put together “soundscapes” corresponding to bitterness and sweetness.  They found that as participants tasted identical pieces of toffee while listening to each soundscape, they believed the toffee to be more bitter or sweeter, depending on which soundtrack they listened to.

Making It Work For You

It’s not a theory but a fact: our senses are inextricably entwined.  They work together to form our perceptions and opinions.  They literally define our world for us.  Think of a symphony orchestra: woodwind, brass, percussion and string sections creating a specific tone, coming together to paint a musical picture. Each section is unique yet they all meld with harmonic perfection that alter our moods, lifting our spirits or dragging us into despair. Sound, sight and scent: each amazingly different yet working together to define every human experience.

Understanding how to appeal to each sense is the major step in moving your marketing from mundane to motivational. Orchestrating sound and color, utilizing scent to enhance memory and actually relax a client: these are the tools that create an amazing customer experience...when orchestrated and balanced correctly.  If you could actually change the way a consumer reacts to a product or service...if you could effectively alter a customer experience by orchestrating what they hear, see and smell, would you do it? It’s more than a possibility.  Many members of the Experience Marketing Association are already using sensory marketing that appeals to the very heart of consumers throughout the world. 

As an EMA member, are you taking full advantage of the information available to you?  Other members are networking, sharing their expertise and mastering the world of sensory marketing to develop amazing customer experiences.  Conversely, if you’re already meeting the highest standards of excellence, we invite you to share your knowledge, expand your understanding and join a host of others who share your passion by becoming an EMA member.
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