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Much More Than A Conference

May 06, 2018 12:34 AM | Anonymous

If you were one of the many attendees at this year’s Experience Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, you came away with a greater understanding of and admiration for the power of sensory marketing.  Held at the beautiful Ocean B Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this years’ conference encompassed many topics, offering a multitude of answers to many questions regarding the associations’ rebranding, our broader focus and the many opportunities this new path provides.

A World of Innovation and Opportunity

As a group, it’s safe to say we were all impressed with the innovations presented...and the potential they represent.  For instance, we learned...

  • How real-time news blurbs can be incorporated into on-hold messaging, providing a new form of infotainment within the on-hold realm.  Remote downloading has enabled theinstantaneous sharing of information, making it possible to provide time-sensitive messages based on events that are impacting a particular businesses customers.  Imagine an on-hold message that evolves almost as quickly as the daily news.  It’s here...and EMA members heard about it.
  •  How clever data collection and management tells you who’s listening to what and where with close to real-time reports.  This enables you to tailor audio media to your target market’s specific preferences, thus delivering a measurable, effective and fully-automated audio experience to your client.
  • The common industry patterns and practices that exist within the on-hold industry; the ways they have evolved throughout the association’s history and how the economy and new technologies have played a role in their evolution.
  • The power of scent in marketing and how it can be employed to both support and enhance existing media marketing efforts throughout the audio and video spectrum.
  • How to leverage the power of LinkedIn to strengthen relationship marketing and cost-effectively grow your business.

This is just a sample of what was shared during the 3-day conference.

Business Among Friends

While technology and innovation were well represented at the EMA Conference, there was an equally welcome message that wasn't proclaimed from behind a podium, displayed in digital video or broadcast in 24-bit audio. However, it was as prominent and noticeable as anything else conveyed. This message wasn't spoken.  It was demonstrated.

The members of the Experience Marketing Association truly respect one another.  In fact, they like each other! Learning the latest about your chosen field at a beautiful resort boasting ocean views, located on a pristine beach should be enough to satisfy everyone in attendance.  Sharing innovations, hearing pros and cons of particular processes and practices and learning how others effectively deal with a variety of issues adds to the value. Experiencing it all among the industry’s most respected professionals...and being able to count them among friends...now THAT’S a truly amazing experience.  Watching people who have been working towards a common goal for nearly two decades come together for the good of an entire industry is just the kind of motivation we all need now and again.

Be a Part of it All

All of us in the Experience Marketing Association invite you to join us.  Come and learn how we’re working together to take advantage of every opportunity new innovation provides.  Discover all the benefits of networking with some of the world’s most effective marketers as a Certified EMA Member Professional and enjoy all the benefits.  Learn more about the Experience Marketing Association here.

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