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Can you really see what I mean?

August 29, 2018 12:38 AM | Anonymous

Mitchell Keller

It’s a delightfully short question that requires more than a cursory yes or no answer.  If your personality runs towards the analytical, you peruse the facts you’ve stored and produce the evidential response: no, I can’t see what you mean, as your words aren’t physically manifest, have no mass, size or physical presence.  However..as social creatures, we put aside the mental machinations and simply listen, so even the most staunch realist among us summons a mental picture that represents the intended expression of a spoken or written phrase. Do you see what I mean?

If I tell you I’ll be in touch this week, you don’t expect me to actually grab your hand, give you a hug or pat your back.   And if I contact you by phone, you won’t accuse me of lying. A situation may stink without producing an odor and should I claim that something smells rotten during a meeting, no one starts sniffing.  When I feel blue, I don’t take on the appearance of a Smurf and when we’re so angry we see red, we don’t actually see red. I pick you up but I don’t lift you.  Something can leave a bad taste in my mouth without my having to actually taste it.  If I’m running errands, I don’t run.  This is why it’s so difficult to master English as a second language.

The wonderful way that our words become spaghetti in reference to our senses isn’t a conscious product of mankind.  Rather, it’s a natural ‘nod’ to what scientists and researchers have discovered concerning the way sound, sight and scent are biologically entwined.  Each contributes to the way we experience events in our lives...how we connect, how we remember, how we process the meaning and substance of what we live.  

We’ve discovered that the sounds we hear can affect the way we respond and process what we see; that scent can influence how we taste certain foods. All of our senses work together to produce our experiential knowledge. The very way we choose to speak has been proving what science is just now starting to reveal: not only do we experience life with ALL our senses, but ALL our senses are connected and relative to one another in ways we’re just beginning to understand.  Do you see what I mean?

Talk to those who specialize in sight, sound and scent marketing and you’ll quickly see why understanding this phenomena is taking businesses to new levels of success.  Members of the Experience Marketing Association are doing just that. Dedicated to the research, development and employment of sensory marketing throughout the world, EMA Members are blazing a new marketing frontier that offers countless rewards.  From the US to the UK, Australia to Columbia, EMA members are tapping into a marketing approach so innovative and effective, it’s changing the very way we think about advertising.

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Learn more about the Experience Marketing Association by visiting us online at:  


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