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The Experience Marketing Association (EMA) was born out of the former On-Hold Messaging Association (OHMA). In 2001, five on-hold messaging providers and one vendor came together to create an association to advance the awareness of audio messaging as a viable marketing tool. 

The benefits of membership have continued to expand over time to include education on new technology and introduction to new opportunities in customer experience marketing. Since then, membership has expanded across the United States, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and Singapore. 

This association is a sharing, collaborative group of members that support each other. We have monthly online “coffee breaks” on a variety of topics and an annual conference with guest speakers, educational sessions, and an opportunity for our valued vendors to interact with members and display new products.

These dedicated professionals who form the Experience Marketing Association collaborate and connect with each other in order to stay on top of best practices and new technology and innovation with the industry of experience marketing for business.

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Inaugural OHMA Meeting 2001

Our Mission
EMA advocates ethical and best practice standards in customer experience marketing, empowering its members to deliver excellence across the full spectrum of sound, sight and scent solutions.

Our Vision
Nurturing a shared vision of high quality standards and
opportunities for growth.

Our Values
Ethics | Education | Collaboration | Research | Advocacy

About Us

EMA is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business directors who share ideas and discuss issues with a rare, creative synergy. Together, we strive to be each other’s trusted advisors, friends, and support system. We leverage technology and industry trends to create leading-edge customer experience solutions, grow our businesses and set the standards for our industry.

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