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2023 MARCE Awards

View the 2023 MARCE Award Winners Press Release

Since 2005, the Experience Marketing Association (formerly the On Hold Messaging Association) has presented awards to honor the year's productions in MARketing & Creative Excellence (thus MARCE).  In doing so, the Association hopes to raise the creative and marketing standards and reward those with the highest standards. For these reasons, the MARCE Award is a coveted symbol of industry leadership.

The goal of the competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of our productions and to improve the effectiveness and value of our service.

The MARCE Award consists of an attractive clear acrylic Award. It includes the EMA logo, the year, the type of award (Best in Show MOH, Most Entertaining MOH, Most Effective MOH, Best Branding MOH, Judges Choice MOH, IVR Award,  Best Scent Pairing, Best Problem Solved with Scent, Most Unique Scent Placement, and Holistic Scent Experience Award), the entrant's company name, and the name of the client. 

Each winner receives one free MARCE Award. Winners may purchase additional awards for their clients or contributing members of their staff. If you have additional questions please contact

sample award

Example of the MARCE Award

Listen to some of the

2023 award winning Entries:

Sample Award Winner 1

Sample Award Winner 2

Sample Award Winner 3

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